Improve your margins and turn your inventory faster

Get free listings and leads
Save time and make more money with next-gen inventory tools


Get free listings and leads

List your inventory on Motohunt for free. Unlike other services, we do not charge for listings and do not make you work to create them. We advertise your listings to hundreds of thousands of online shoppers and send qualified leads to you at no cost. We have sent over 18K leads to hundreds of dealers for free in the last year alone, and we are still growing!

Join us in creating a low-cost/high-quality marketplace for buyers and sellers.


Make more money from your inventory

Sell at the optimal price and time

Save a ton of time by viewing industry leading NADA, NPA, and our own on-the-ground real-time pricing info in one screen. Make more money out of each unit by pricing them appropriately for their local market. We cover all major motorcycle and powersports brands, and all kinds of vehicles: Motorcycles, ATVs, SxSs, PWC, Boats.

Stay ahead of mistakes

Increase your conversion rate

Stay out of trouble by getting immediate warnings for potential MAP violations, and fix VIN-related issues that drive away close-to-purchase customers. Make sure you have prices, photos and mileages posted for your inventory to entice buyers to contact you more.

Unlimited Appraisals

Price a trade-in in seconds

Use our powerful VIN decoder, or lookup a vehicle by model name, and see NADA, NPA and local prices. Print customer quotes with all the right prices to entice your customers to come back. Add payment options to give them the complete picture.

Manage all your stores

Get the full picture

We make it easy to see the vehicle break-down and related inventory issues across all your stores so you can keep on top of everything. And we highlight pricing discrepancies amongst your stores, so you don’t undercut yourself!

Keep using the tools you are used to

All our data in your daily workflow

Get reports with the most important issues around your inventory straight into your mailbox. Export/download our data to CSV/Excel/Google Sheets. Want to export your inventory to other vendors? We give you unlimited feeds at your desired formats at no additional cost.

Our Pricing

No account

No-effort participation

  • Basic listings
  • Website visitors
  • Leads (manual/delayed)
Free account

No billing or CC on record

  • Enhanced listings
  • Website visitors
  • Leads (real-time)
  • Awesome support


  • Enhanced listings
  • Website visitors
  • Leads (real-time)
  • Awesome support
  • Inventory pricing
  • Highlight mistakes
  • Unlimited appraisals
  • Multi-store management
  • Data export & feeds
  • Cancel anytime

Feature Comparison

No Acct
Listings & leads
Basic listings & visitors
Manual leads
manually posted on your website the same day
Enhanced listings
Store description/logo, custom listing description
Automatic leads
to CRM/ADF and real-time
Inventory pricing
NADA dealer pricing
NPA history
Local prices
local, nationwide & historical price trends
Highlighting mistakes
MAP violations
Bad/Duplicate VINs
Missing photos, prices & mileage
Unlimited appraisals
VIN decoder/lookup
Model-based lookup
VIN sale history
Print quotes
Multi-store support
Group reports
Price discrepancy alerts
Data exports & tools
Email reports
CSV/Excel/GSheets downloads
Unlimited feeds

An amazing dealer experience

Flat Pricing / Unlimited Everything

We don’t nickel and dime you with hidden one-off costs for specific operations. Unlimited use of all our features is included in your monthly subscription and there is no feature that incurs any additional costs. All your employees can use our tools simultaneously at all times. Click away in peace!

30-Day Free Trial

Wanna try it out? No credit card on file required - just use our product and see if you like it.

Flexible Billing & Cancellation

Opt for monthly invoices, and cancel by simply not paying your next invoice! Yes, it’s that safe. Prefer recurring automatic payments instead? Cancel with a push of a button - no need to “email support” or give us any notice.

Powersports Only Team

We are not an automotive company that also does powersports. Our staff is focused on your line-up. And we are a small engineering and data-focused, bootstrapped team without external funding and no VP of Increasing Dealer Prices to pay. All these savings are passed on to you.

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